June 21, 2018

Crystallized Honey, Good or Bad?


What is Crystallized Honey? 

Crystallization (also known as Candied or Granulated) is a natural process by which honey turns from a liquid to a semi-solid state.

Is Crystallized Honey Safe to Eat?

Crystallized honey is perfectly good and safe to eat and by no means spoilt or no longer fit for consumption. In fact, crystallization only changes the colour and texture, it does not change the quality of honey.

Crystallized honey is preferable to many people. Simply because the ability to handle and spread without the sticky dripping.

Why Does Honey Crystallize?

Honey contains two sugars in the carbohydrate composition, fructose & glucose. 

The main reason honey crystallizes is due to the amount of glucose composition. Glucosehas a lower solubility, so when it separates from water it turns into small crystals. Compared to that of fructose, which remains in a liquid state due to better solubility.

Different types of honey crystallize at different rates; it could be 1 week, 2 months or 2 years. There could be other factors that could start, speed up or even slow down or hinder the crystallization process.

What Causes Honey Crystallization?

Temperature, storing, processing, blending and packaging are some factors that may cause effects of crystallization and also depending on the type of honey.

Presence of tiny particles of pollen, wax or propolis may accelerate crystallization. Raw, unfiltered honey can crystallize naturally and quickly, due to the presence of these natural substances.

Temperature may speed up the effect, depending of type of honey and the handling of honey whilst being processed for sale.

Many commercial honey is ruined by being excessively heated, pasteurized and or filtered to stop the effects of crystallization. This process strips the honey of pollen, enzymes and nutrient, removing all the natural benefits of honey. These processes make their honey look smoother and cleaning and more appealing on the shelf, but compromising on quality and nutritional benefits.

How Can I return Honey to Liquid State?

The best method to return honey from crystallized state is to simply immures the jar of honey into a bowl of hot water (40°C) and leave 15 minutes then stir. This will help retain the natural anti-bacterial properties and return honey to a liquid state.

Storing in a refrigerator is not recommended as it would accelerate the process of crystallization and harden the honey.

To help prevent honey from crystallizing, store at a temperature around 21°C

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