• Pure Origins Macadamia Honey - 500g

    Pure Origins Macadamia Honey derives from the bees that feed off the nectar of flowers from the Macadamia Tree, also known as Macadamia Integrifolia. This tree is found in remnant rainforest in northern NSW and south-east Queensland, native to Australia.

    Our Macadamia Honey has a sweet, mild flavour with a toffee caramel after taste. As well as tasting delicious it’s also full of health benefits; loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids all immunity boosting and anti-aging properties. A healthy replacement for sugar to sweeten your food and drinks. 


    Also available in 250grams



    Why Pure Origins Honey?

    100% Pure Australian - Natural - Raw - Single Region - Cold Extracted

    RAW – come straight from the beehives and is not excessively heated when extracted or packed, it is COLD EXTRACTED. It is actually packed at temperatures lower than the beehive itself. This means that although it takes longer to pour, it retains all of its crucial enzymes, anti-bacterial properties and nutritional value. Where others heat their honey to ensure they get an optimum level of fast pouring to save on packaging costs.

    SINGLE ORIGIN - what we receive from the beekeeper we bottle, we don’t blend. It’s 100% Pure Australian honey. Not mixed honeyfrom various regions.

    We take pride in holding to these principles so our honey you receive is of the highest quality and retaining all nutritional properties.



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    • Pure Origins Macadamia Honey - 500g

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